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Fortigate 1000D

High Performance Data Center and Next Generation Firewall for the Enterprise

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With 52 Gbps of firewall throughput and low latency, the FortiGate 1000D represents an excellent entry model for small data centers and delivers a high performance, high capacity data center firewall. IPv6 parity, 10 GE ports and dramatic increases in VPN performance enable you to keep pace with your evolving network.

Deeper Visibility
At the same time, 8 Gbps of next generation threat prevention performance allows you to run top rated intrusion prevention, application control and antimalware capabilities for deeper inspection of content, applications, user and device activity. Rich console views and reports together with a flexible policy engine provide the visibility and control to empower employees yet secure your enterprise.

Breakthrough Performance
This breakthrough performance — including 10x data center and 5x next generation performance — is made possible by custom hardware, including the latest FortiASIC™ NP6 and CP8 processors, as well as the consolidated security features of the FortiOS network security platform.

High Performance, Reliability and Security

  • 10x data center and 5x next generation performance
  • Top rated security capabilities
  • Flexible firewall personalities for core or edge deployment
  • Low latency and IPv6 parity
  • Option to add Advanced Threat Protection, Strong Authentication and more
Key Features & Benefits
Superior firewall throughput, ultralow latency 10x data center firewall performance eliminates performance bottlenecks
Impressive throughput 5x next generation performance enables multi-function inspection on one appliance
Custom FortiASIC NP6 and CP8 processors The latest in purpose-built processors enable best-in-class performance and superior cost per gigabit protected
High speed, high density ports 2x 10 GE and 32x GE ports support evolving network requirements and avoid security bottlenecks
Top rated security technologies Increases protection from advanced threats


FortiGate 1000D


  1. USB Management Port
  2. USB Port
  3. Console Port
  4. 2x GE RJ45 Management Ports
  5. 16x GE SFP Slots
  6. 16x GE RJ45 Ports
  7. 2x 10 GE SFP+ Slots

NP Direct

By removing the Internal Switch Fabric, the NP Direct architecture provides direct access to the SPU-NP for the lowest latency forwarding. NGFW deployments require some attention to network design to ensure optimal use of this technology.

Powered by SPU

  • Custom SPU processors deliver the power you need to detect malicious content at multi-Gigabit speeds
  • Other security technologies cannot protect against today’s wide range of content- and connection-based threats because they rely on general-purpose CPUs, causing a dangerous performance gap
  • SPU processors provide the performance needed to block emerging threats, meet rigorous third-party certifications, and ensure that your network security solution does not become a network bottleneck

Network Processor

Fortinet’s new, breakthrough SPU NP6 network processor works inline with FortiOS functions delivering:

  • Superior firewall performance for IPv4/IPv6, SCTP and multicast traffic with ultra-low latency down to 2 microseconds
  • VPN, CAPWAP and IP tunnel acceleration
  • Anomaly-based intrusion prevention, checksum offload and packet defragmentation
  • Traffic shaping and priority queuing

Content Processor

The SPU CP8 content processor works outside of the direct flow of traffic, providing high-speed cryptography and content inspection services including:

  • Signature-based content inspection acceleration
  • Encryption and decryption offloading

10 GE Connectivity

High speed connectivity is essential for network security segmentation. The FortiGate 1000D provides 10 GE slots that simplify network designs without relying on additional devices to bridge desired connectivity



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